Our goal is to support you in learning quickly and effectively a new language and its culture.  ICLS believes in a student-based approach to learning new languages.  Our methodology draws on what you already know and leverages your interests and areas of expertise. We help you master the new language and feel confident about your communication. Our programs are tailored to your specific needs: verbal and / or written, be it for work, in view of a trip, or academic.  Our highly qualified trainers work with you to design and deliver a tailored program to match your learning style and needs.

Our services include one-on-one or small group sessions tailored to your level, interests and learning style for:

  • Professional needs

  • Student needs

  • Test preparation

  • Business travel or leisure

  • Cultural awareness

Our methodology is anchored in 4 core values: 

  • Dedicating time to understand the uniqueness of each one of our students

  • Working together to design the right program for each student based on their needs, interests and learning style

  • Anticipating and adjusting to changing needs

  • Being committed to the success of each one of our students

How We Do What We Do

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Leveraging your knowledge and experience to express yourself in a new language

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